About This Blog, The Author

To Kill The Giant  is to want to slay the inhumane injustices, that are eating away at not only our society but what has been ingrained in our mindsets as children. To extinquish the flame that divide and burn cities, that which creates malice and ill content among living breathing inhabitants.

These giants grew from ignorance of mankind, the fear of the unknown, selfishness, greed, contempt for others, and it feeds daily off of loathing, prejudice, religious persecution to finally cultivating in the damnation of a soul whether intended or not.

In particular, I want the reader to understand that what I want to expose are complete inhumane characteristics of a race that leaves others behind. The topics presented here are in effect the true-characteristics, the nature of mankind, a living breathing soul, that which has inflicted upon another, their self righteous behavior, whether intentional or not and has eventually led to another’s downfall, if not their own.

My goal is to create a societal intolerance of these giants and to effect change whether small or large, to make this planet a more solution oriented earth.

These injustices are from the eyes of a medium, psychic and remote viewer who has a glimpse of what is to come.


Mary, othersidepsychic



” The mightiest of swords and brawn among men can’t kill as effectively as the written word , especially by a woman.”