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The Day God Wore Black

The Day God Wore Black

The calculated and perfectly timed threats rang to fruition in
public bombings. They idolized something much more sinister than a perfect loving God. The untold amount of human suffering and lives lost through their hands replicates a well known darker mankind that was the predecessor to WWII, a Godless society run rampant. This black plague believes that their way is the right way and no other way is existential. Their motives are martyrdom, virgins in heaven,and a path that leads to a non altruistic God. Their holy book has been rewritten to suit them, ignoring the real message. A self proclaimed holy war on infidels construed for their sake of their bastardized religion. One man who proclaims to be the son of Allah or descendant, was previously nothing more than a foot solider risen to power bellowing orders from a white tower, cloaked in black.
The burnings alive of human beings, men in cages, the beheadings, the mockery of nations, to silently and stealthfully sneaking into a country strapped with suicide bombs is the day their God wears black. In their imagined reich of heirarchy, their prostituted way of distorting a loving God into a black diety, is not the same Allah or God who promotes peace and love of which is my God.
Their God wears black on killing days. They wear black every day waving black flags, black head bands, black hearts filled with hate. Their hate is fear and ignorance
When they blow themselves up, they might want to know that there are not 13 virgins waiting on them in heaven because they raped them, sold them into sexual slavery or married them. A virgin would kill herself rather than submit to violation of a darker kind, a killer of mankind, and the killer of a good God.
They forge their destiny into the desolate arena of damnation by their own accord and through it all, my God wears white and My God will win.

How can you say your God will protect millions from radical or extremist islamists? They are a porous group. Follow their path into their own kind, knowledge of them is power to prevent them from succeeding. When you learn their moves, that they are on a infidel destroying  path of idolatry, you will find them. Infiltrate them, destroy them, To Kill A Giant.


The Inhumane Darkness

The Black Plague.

The door was opened and in the pitch blackness, the ghosts of souls of wars lost, step over the threshold. Silently, creeping in, without notice. One by one, they amass into legions of armies. Killing armies. Hooded, cloaked and in black, they hang in the shadows, in areas riddled with strife, biding time. Like a chalkboard, erased, the slate was wiped clean of all who did not want to participate. The ones left behind, bowed down, fearing the worst to spare their lives and deliver them into a secular freedom. Allah, they proclaim, is our Lord and Master but yet, a man claims to be a direct decendant of the Lord. How can that be? A lie, as in many lies that ties the movement together. A secular divide and conquer if you don’t believe.
The black plaque knows no color ,sect, or political prowness. It wants you dead, especially if you are American and Christian.
A cultural mindset swept up in joining a cause, the cause of the black plaque which was contrived in violence, to a tribal run at claiming this is in the name of allah, has paved the way for the return of the plaque.
This plaqued is led by a self described delusional warrior decendant of allah. Where was the protocol of proof of his ancestors? A doctorate on a piece of paper decided he was the chosen name sake for his kind. The challenger most certainly faces sheer torture and death to deny the great leader his due right.
What is his kind? People seeking self fulfillment for a cause, worthy of a righteous experience leading to the prophecy proclaimed in the bible? No, rather a demon spawned from the living dead, the minds of men who would rather believe their way is the right way rather than die trying to please their Lord.

How do you divide and conquer the black Plague? Remove the need for why it began.