by othersidepsychic, Mary the Medium @marythemedium

The giant,  born of centuries of lineages of other giants, some smaller than others, some the size of midgets, some much larger than others, some so large that seeing the beginning and their end is difficult to do, is upon us. These giants live not in the land that time has forgotten nor found in leather bound novels sitting on dusty shelves and in scripted fairy tales. These giants are not bespoken of in children books and movies with warts on their big noses and unkept hair with painted faces cloaked in animal hides. These are mankind fostered monsters, babied until it becomes an adult, cradled by humans, and nothing else matters in the process. They have been written about, depicted in printed word, photographed on rare occasion when allowed, but still no one knows their true distinguishable faces, their actual names has been allowed to hide and then when it is known who they are, the tone is hush hush. We don’t or can’t speak about them because their names are taboo. Their connotations and what they actually do to others not of their race is monstrous. They have been allowed to hide. The human parents, as in any parent who cherishes their children, and would do anything to help and enable their children, to see them to a fruitful life and a grand life, has allowed them   to live for as long as they have and genetics and mutations have created this species so infinite that they can’t be destroyed except by the one race that created them, mankind.

These monsters arise from beneath the sand in the desert, having  traveled from foreign lands, sometimes living in a country side for hundreds of years or found recently in major metropolitan cities close to you.  They live amongst us, but no one wants to slay these  giants. Not until now. There is one, a lone female.

Hidden quietly and unobtrusively, beneath forests of green trees, in a tiny hamlet, filled with animals and love in an idyllic world, a giant slayer awaits her turn to bring down these beasts, one by one down, to make a difference in the lives of others who suffer because of them. How can one woman slay such monsters? Watch, wait.