The Black Plaque

by othersidepsychic, Mary the Medium @marythemedium

It made its presence known to man in the middle ages.
“Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”
Ravaging, pilfering, in its wake leaving half families, the dead. Deteriorating bodies littered the landscapes as it swept across Europe.
A war on the human soul brought upon mankind by rodents.
It retreated back into the pits of darkness, back into mother earth, left to grow, cultivate over the centuries morphing, ever changing. This time in the quiet of the night, it will attempt to pilfer the west. Stealing advancement at night, living in the shallow venues where no one looks, the blackness grows and grows, born of rodents, now born of man.
Found in the foreign lands where the desert swallows the soul and the skin turns bronze as the sun at dusk, the blackness and the vile disease it carries is slowly creeping until it reaches the west.
Not of disease this time, but evolving slowly into man. The disease of rodents is now a man diseased, fooled into believing that being radical can grow more blackness and so it grows and grows and grows.
How do you eradicate this plaque of radicals, this blackness, this new movement to develop a caliphate of blackness, a plaque past brought back into a new form?
Poison the biting creatures first, which live on the fur of the rodent. The rodent carrying the plaque will perish when cleaning himself from ingesting the poison in the biting creatures.