The Green Jacket

by othersidepsychic, Mary the Medium @marythemedium

The Green Jacket

You wear the green jacket well. It has been with you all your life and yet, it never ages. You remember the first time you put it on. You were five years of age. The teenage years you wore it all the time. People began asking if you ever would just stop suiting up and showing up in your green jacket. As you became an adult, your dates and ex lovers began to hate that jacket. The green seemed to become even more green with each remark, each quip of the tongue.

Eventually, the jacket developed permanent stains, stains that would not come out. Each time you feel like slipping into it, it takes on a whole new demeanor. It just feels diifferent to you as thought you have never worn it before. it becomes new again. What does this green jacket do to you to make you want to keep wearing it? Does it make you feel pretty in certain situations or the next time you put it on, will it turn you into a hideous beast?

When his eyes lock onto another you have had the jacket on. The glove fit was so tight, you didnt even know you have it on. Like silk, it glides on unexpectedly and fits like second skin, supple, smooth, like buttery leather.

It has been your best friend, most times your worst enemy as it can make you look bad, ill fit for such a lady or gentleman. The green jacket has comforted you when his eyes looked away and instantaneously the jacket became your enemy and his even though he might not admit it. The jacket if not worn properly will make you feel insecure. Your pride tells you it is okay, just keep wearing it.

This green jacket, akin to the masters green, belongs to champions who have won the tournament. They will wear the jacket beaming with pride and will scoff when it is won away.

For you, the green jacket appears tattered, the fibers deteriorating with age, only bits and pieces cover the sleeve. Yet, you still wear it but this time it is on your arm.

Later in life, once you become comfortable in your own skin, your own ego has subsided you realize, that it is better to toss that green jacket. You outgrew it or perhaps it just isn’t becoming anymore. What did you ever decide to wear a GREEN jacket. Why not red, why not black or pink? It is now gone, you decided you could finally live without the ill effects.

In the second hand store, a young woman with her boyfriend is searching for her unique style, finds a pretty, used, but still wearable green jacket..