The Petition For Souls

by othersidepsychic, Mary the Medium @marythemedium

Stella McCartney has a saying on her glass door front as you enter her store. “China and the Chinese are responsible for thousands of dogs and cats being bled to death and hung up waiting on them to bleed out to be able to wear the furs once they are dead. This medium cries. Why do you ask? They are just animals.

Where is the ability to love outside the human race? Do the Chinese and others not value the soul of animals?  To think that God’s love does not extend to granting four legged or even two legged creatures a soul to love unconditionally is to not believe in a higher power.  is to hang blinders on a horse and watch only what is front of you. The same mindset is of poachers Only for the worth of the animal and not the soul.

When I give a reading to a client, ultimately, the four legged friend will surface and come running up to the lost loved ones I was asked to contact. They were part of the family, and remain just as human souls remain. The mprints that unconditional love leave on our lives can’t be measured but they can be seen.

As a medium, I see souls. Animal and human and the inhumane. The souls of the departed come through. When giving a reading, I can see animal souls just as I see human souls. To believe that animals do not have souls and do not matter is to take the mindset of the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe. To him life does not matter except his. Selfish, motive, money and ego driven. I have a response to someone like him and to others who take a life for the sake of making money or to bolster one’s ego, and that is, I am glad that I don’t have your soul. For I can see what will happen to yours. Would you like for me to tell you what awaits you? You carry the darkness as an attachment. It will follow you for your days until your time ends. To the people who kill animals for furs, animals that can give unconditional love, to kill the love and feelings of such a soul puts the taker’s soul at risk. The soul is a window to your death and everyone wears their soul like a jacket. Do you wear a fur jacket or do you wear a cloth jacket?

The petitions flew around on the internet begging one to stop the dog killing festival earlier this year. How can you change the mindset of such people? It is a cultural identity that is spawned from birth. Education wont change cultural heritage. Only the love of a pet can persuade the mindset that a soul is worth saving rather than worth wearing.