by othersidepsychic, Mary the Medium @marythemedium

500% and climbing
He raised the price 500%. Now Deloris cant afford the pill to make her well. Her insurance rate will skyrocket, in turn dropping her from their list or she will lose her insurance due to her medical bills. I know first hand. My insurance skyrocketed to over 2100.00 a month when I was diagnosed with the big C. Blue Cross and Blue Shield was the company.
I couldn’t pay them. So I couldn’t afford the treatment. So I went without health insurance.
He said he is not making profits on his new cancer drug. Yet, he doesnt have that much overhead to contend with.
He said he will think about lowering the price when and if he feels like it.
He said he donates millions to charity.
Where did he get these millions? His company and the markups his pill has seen in the last few years? He is not the only one to do this in the last few weeks.
What charities does he donate too? Aids in Africa? World Peace?
What about the charities that want to end what his pharmaceutical company develops? Why can’t he donate to those charities? Because, it might make the end of disease happen quicker.
Why would he want to do that? That means the little pill he raised the price on 500% would be non existent and no one would want it or need it anymore if the disease was eradicated because they found a cure with his millions of donated dollars.
He holds two paths in his hands, and both might yield the cure.
Is it the yellow brick road or the road to financial success?
For Deloris and countless others, it is the end of the road.
Get the pharmaceutical companies out of the hands of private companies, the FDA and individuals. Allow it to  compete with other companies and open the market. Open the market